Conrad “Butch” Thomas may be new to the charts in the United States, but
he’s no neophyte to the global music industry.

Born and raised in St Louis, Missouri, he received his Bachelor of Fine
Arts degree in Music from Webster University. Soon after
graduating, he relocated to New York City, where he established a
relationship with the great instrumentalist and composer Jaco Pastorius (featured on Pastorius’ recordings," Promised Land", “Punk Jazz” and “NYC Jam” and featured
live). Then the rest is history. 

He continued on to perform with well- established artists including The Temptations, Thomas Dolby, Dave Valentin and Lenny Kravitz. His ambidextrous style placed him comfortably in the company of an eclectic roster including “The
College Boyz”, “The Cult”, Tyrone Davis and the rock group “Living

He’s received a number of video credits including Lenny Kravitz’ hit “It
Aint Over ‘Til It’s Over”, Queen Latifah’s “How Do I Love Thee” and
Sting’s “You Still Touch Me”.

It was during this time that the directors of the hit FOX Network
detective series “New York Undercover” called him to appear with a number
of featured guests with the shows' "Natalie's" segment including Al
Jarreau, Al Green, Mavis Stables, Mary J. Blige, and many others. Through
a referral, the call came from superstar singer/guitarist Sting, where he
toured extensively . It was through his appearances with Sting
that he was placed in demand by yet another hierarchy of stars e.g. James
Taylor, Elton John, Diana Ross and a feature spot on Aretha Franklin’s
hit song “A Rose Is Still A Rose” ( U.K. version) written and produced by
singer/songwriter Lauryn Hill.